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  Instructions For Sending Your Outboard Powerhead For Rebuild

Please read these instructions carefully. It will save headaches for both you and us.
The easiest way to prep your powerhead to ship, is to remove the the external components BEFORE you remove the powerhead itself. This would be a good time to take a couple of pictures to use as reference when reintsalling the powerhead later. To rebuild your motor, we only want the bare basic block. This means you need to remove the following components. Please use this list to make sure you remove everything you need to:
  • Remove all ignition components. This includes flywheel, stator, timerbase/trigger, power pack/s, and regulator/rectifier.

  • Remove all electrical components. This includes starter, solenoid/s, engine wire harness, etc.

  • Remove everything to do with the fuel system. This includes carbs, fuel pump, oil injection pump, and all rubber hoses.

  • Along with the above, you will also need to remove some hardware. This includes intake manifold and reeds, all throttle linkage, and make absolutely sure to remove all removable brackets to prevent breakage during transit. TMS will not be responsible for broken parts that were instructed to be removed before packaging.

  • Now you should be down to the basic bare block, cylinder head/s, exhaust cover, water cover/s, etc., and this is the state that we want you to package the powerhead.

  • Time to unbolt and remove powerhead. Once powerhead is off, remove any long protruding studs that would prevent from being boxed and proceed to package the powerhead as shown below.
  • All smaller motors, 2 cyl, 3 cyl, and 4 cyl will ship via UPS/Fedex. DO NOT use wood crates or pallets.

  • Larger V6 models, will ship VIA truck. It is suggested that you construct a plywood crate to ship these V6 powerheads. You dont need to be a professional carpenter to build an inexpensive 1/2" plywood crate that will make the trip here and back. Please keep the size of the crate in proportion to the size of the powerhead. In other words, it doesn't need to be a 4 foot cube.
Now that you have your powerhead removed, properly packaged up, and ready to ship, just give us a call, and we will instruct the appropriate carrier to come pick up your powerhead and bring it to us. Transit time for UPS can be anywhere from 2 to 5 days depending on your location. Transit time for truck is normally never over about 3 days tops. Once we receive your powerhead, we will unbox it, disassemble it, and inspect the problems you had with it. We will then give you a call to inform you of the damage and what caused it. Also at that time, payment in the form of credit card will be obtained. Turnaround for the overhaul is normally about 4 to 5 business days.
So thats about it. We look forward to your business and providing you with the highest quality rebuild service at a great price!

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