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One of the most common repairs on a boat motor is the water pump impeller. An impeller should be changed every two years without fail. It will go bad from dry rot before it will wear out. An outboard motor can seize up in a matter of seconds due to impeller failure and an inboard can suffer severe damage as well, so don`t risk that 5 or 6 year old impeller any longer.

Another very common repair is to the fuel system, especially on an outboard motor. A simple solution is an addition of fuel stabilizer to your fuel tank, and make sure that it is run long enough to get in the carbs during winterization. This will prevent 99% of fuel system problems and help you avoid costly carb overhauls. Theres nothing worse than arriving at the lake to use your boat and it won`t run, due to stopped up carbs.

If you keep your boat in a wet slip, do everything possible to purchase, or rent a boat lift. Yes they are expensive, but if you let your boat sit in the water all the time, you will be paying me a visit before long. Whether it be salt water or fresh water, corrosion of your outdrive will destroy it. Its not that great on fiberglass either. I have seen the gelcoat on many hulls become blistered from barnacles. While we are on the hull subject, make sure and keep any gouges patched to prevent to fiberglass from becoming water soaked. Fiberglass is layed in layers, and once water gets in between, it can cause them to separate. Bad news when that happens.

Take care of your boat as you would your automobile. Just because you may not use your boat on an everyday basis is no reason to neglect it. It is still an investment that deserves some TLC. Keep it clean! Rub on, rub off, rub on, rub off, you get the picture. Upon the starting of the season, have a qualified person take a quick check to see that everything is in good working order. The cost is minimal and could save your scalp if it came to preventing a breakdown and stranding you along with your irate mother-in-law in the middle of the lake.

Another thing that people commonly overlook, is checking the lower unit oil on a regular basis. It only takes a few seconds to remove the bottom drain plug to check for water, as water has no lubrication properties! Even if water is present you could avoid complete destruction of your lower unit by catching the problem in time to do a reseal job. Lower unit seals will dry rot just as impellers will from non usage.

Don`t forget the trailer wheel bearings! When is it time to shoot some grease in em? This is one thing that a large number of people get wrong. The time to grease them, is right before you back the trailer in the water, not after. If you do it after you get home, the grease could already be water diluted. Once water gets in the grease, its just like not having any grease at all. Install Bearing Buddies and keep the cups just full enough to not allow water to enter the hub. One other thing, make sure your lights work, ok? It really is aggravating to run up on someone at night and the tail lights are not on. I really don`t want to have to dig your prop out of my radiator.

Finally, when you put your boat up for the winter, why not let the experts do the winterizing? A simple mistake of not knowing where a drain plug is, could end up costing you a fortune. Removal of the drain plugs is only the beginning of winterizing, and it takes more than just that to get all the water out of a motor and related parts. Also, before you put your cover on the boat for the last time, take a couple of minutes to place a couple of mildew control bags in your boat, one towards the bow, the other towards the stern. This will save you many hours of scrubbing your upholstery in the spring, and save from hearing the wife tell you to get rid of that nasty thing.

Most importantly of all, please do not drink and drive. Its bad enough in a automobile where you have a somewhat controlled environment, but on the water, there are no brakes, there are no lines to distinguish lanes, there are no signs to warn you of upcoming obstacles, and it seems no one pays all that much attention where they are going. The influence of alcohol can spell nothing but disaster, and no one wants to read in the newspaper about you and the innocent victims death. Sure have a beer during your weekend outing and enjoy yourself, but have a responsible attitude and think of every ones safety!

These are just a few tips that can save you money, headaches, and time, after all you should be out enjoying your outing on the lake, and not coming to the conclusion that owning a boat is not worth it. If you have any questions about the previous topics, or would like to see a specific topic posted here, send us an email.


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