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  Here's a couple of examples of what you could get from the other guys.
1st, one of our customers sent this 3.0 liter Merc powerhead to us for a rebuild. Upon opening the crate, we see that it has a label on it that shows it was factory remanufactured by Mercury Marine (Quicksilver Remanufacturing). We removed the powerhead from the crate and disassembled the block. What we saw next was one of those scenarios that just sickins your stomach. The crankshaft in this $5,000.00 factory reman powerhead from Mercury Marine was broken completely in two. It didn't take much inspection to see that the crankshaft Merc put in the powerhead was already cracked about 3/4 of the way through the rod journal when installed. Rather amazing the motor ran as long as it did. Really bad part, it was just out of warranty, and Merc wouldn't touch it. Shame on you Mercury Marine! It's fairly typical for Merc to make excuses, unfortunately.

Had this powerhead been rebuilt by TMS, the warranty would have covered the entire repair. But for your information, we don't make a habit of installing "pre cracked" cranks in our rebuilds in the first place!

Wiseco piston

piston ring

This is another Quicksilver reman that a customer sent in for "another" rebuild. Notice the extraordinarily large craters and pits in the exhaust port of this 2.5 liter jewel. Three other cylinders had much the same in their exhaust ports only not quite as big. Bad thing is, the main water jacket is right behind these things and guess what? Yep, they were leaking and allowing water to be sucked into the cylinder. Further proof that the good ol boys at Mercury Marine apparently don't really care what kind of crap they turn out to their customers these days. Sad, really.


connecting rod

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