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  Why we use Wiseco pistons exclusively - A rebuilt remanufactured powerhead is only as good as what's put into it.

It's a known fact, OEM manufacturers are out to make a cheaper affordable product, while at the same time, making maximum profit. Same goes for most other outboard powerhead rebuilders out there. Don't let the other rebuilders convince you that their cheap stuff is good enough for your hard earned dollars. While this may unfortunately pretty much be a standard business practice these days, it doesn't fit our idea of providing the best quality available at a fair price. In other words, our philosophy doesn't contain the greed of big business.

Let's take a look at why we choose to use the best quality parts in our rebuilds, while profits play second fiddle. OEM manufacturers use cast aluminum pistons in their new outboard motors. The process of making cast pistons is cheap and inexpensive. Materials are cheaper, less machining is required, they are less labor intensive, and they can spit thousands of pistons out lickity split ready to go into their new production motors on the assembly line. This process is great for them, but what about for you?

You might read across the Internet forums out there the debates about cast OEM type pistons vs. Wiseco forged pistons and how you should always run cast OEM pistons in a motor. What you are reading is debates by individuals with no true experience of what they claim. Most of them are probably just repeating what they heard elsewhere so they can be taken as they know what they are talking about. Pfffft, enough of that.

It's hard to go back and count just how many outboard motor powerheads we get in each year for overhauls where the failure was caused simply by broken cast pistons and/or the piston rings that are supplied with them (more on rings below). The cheap materials and manufacturing process of cast pistons will just simply not easily endure 100's of hours of being abused by the harsh conditions most boaters put on them. We don't mean that boaters intentionally harm their possessions, but they do work an outboard motor to the limits on many occasions, and also have a tendency to skimp on maintenance and the like. I mean, who doesn't, right? Well, let's move on from the cast aluminum junk and talk about why we use only high quality "forged aluminum" pistons in our outboard powerhead rebuilds.

Wiseco piston In our opinion, Wiseco makes the best outboard motor piston on the market. Why? Because just like ourselves, Wiseco prides itself in providing the consumer quality first, and profits are not above that.

The material quality of a forged aluminum piston is unbelievably higher than that of the cast junk. A high alloy aluminum provides many times the strength all by itself, then by adding the forging process, the aluminum grains are packed tightly together forming a denser, stronger product. Top that off with precision CNC machining, you end up with exacting repeatable tolerances and an almost indestructible piece. A forged piston will withstand nearly twice the RPM of cast pistons. Forged pistons will also not expand like a cast piston does. This means they can run at tighter clearances for better performance, and can withstand higher temps which prevents from scoring cylinders so easily. Wiseco pistons also have ArmorGlide™ coated skirts to provide added lubrication and protection against scoring of the cylinder walls in an overheat situation. Make sure to allow your motor to warm up before you just cram it in gear and take off, and your motor
will live long and prosper.

piston ringOk, we see the basics of why forged pistons are preferred over cast junk. Now let's look at why the piston rings from Wiseco are also superior to the OEM.

Once again, the same basic culprit is in play here. Greed over quality. Wiseco piston rings are made of a completely different and superior material than OEM junk. After many heat/cool cycles, OEM cast rings become even more brittle than when new, and will break very easily. Take a look at the picture to the right where this Wiseco ring has 100's of hours of run time on it. We challenge anyone to bend an OEM cast ring(even a new one) like that without breaking it. We do as many or more rebuilds due to broken OEM rings as we do for other failures. Wiseco rings are also of the semi keystone design and moly faced which provides a much better cylinder seal resulting in better performance of your outboard motor. Compression makes power, and Wiseco rings keep compression on top of the piston where it belongs.

piston ringThis is a picture of a piston ring out of an never touched or disassembled new outboard motor with only 70 hrs run time on it. Unfortunately it was out of the measly and skimpy 1 year OEM warranty period. The rings on that piston strangely wore prematurely on one side far enough that they allowed the piston to touch the cylinder wall resulting in fairly heavy scoring and dropping compression to near 0. Had the motor run much longer that way, serious damage would have occured. In the nearly 30 years of being in the business, we have never seen a Wiseco ring fail like this. We rebuilt this motor for the customer many moons ago and its still a happy camper with lots of run time on it.

Now, do you really want to trust your business to the other guys that use the cheap junk? Let TMS provide you with a quality rebuild that will last and not break the bank in the process!

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