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  TMS Powerhead Rebuilding Service - We ARE the rebuilder, not a middleman salesman

Got a sick outboard powerhead? Before you chuck hundreds of unnecessary dollars for a pre rebuilt or remanufactured powerhead, plus core charges, big shipping charges, and puny warranty, or pay some ridiculous price plus sales tax to your local dealer, take a look...

First, let's ponder an important fact....
If you have been searching the web for a rebuilt or remanufactured outboard powerhead, and you view a website that puts "part numbers" on their products, you can bet your booty that the powerhead they offer is not only NOT rebuilt by themselves, but chances are they never even touch the powerhead with their own hands. What we are trying to make you aware of, is the websites that do this never physically do any work other than drop ship you a powerhead from some rebuilder and jack up the price and stick a core charge on it for "middleman" profit. Since they never even lay eyes on it, they can't even tell you with 100% certainty that the powerhead has ALL new parts in it. Warranty issues have to go through two different entities in this case. How long does that take? Who knows? Probably not so interesting or good deal now eh?

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Ok, let's continue.... TMS will completely rebuild your powerhead right here at our facility with our own hands, apply a "LIFETIME WARRANTY" on the parts and craftsmanship, return the same powerhead you sent to us along with required mounting gaskets, carb kits, new water pump impeller and repair manual, AND *shipping both ways is included! Turn around in most cases is about 3 to 4 days but can be 4 to 5 days during busy months. We can even repair your damaged crank shaft, or minor to medium severity block damage including welding broken aluminum or replacing sleeves. Complete setup instructions will accompany your powerhead upon return. Unlimited technical support is also available if needed during reinstallation of your powerhead.

TMS prides itself in quality and workmanship. We do not mass produce rebuilt powerheads to stock shelves, creating and inviting mistakes or missed damage. All powerheads are thoroughly inspected and COMPLETELY rebuilt, in house "one at a time", using only the highest quality replacement parts, ensuring you are getting the best of the best. "Completely" meaning, boring cylinders, ALL new forged pistons with rings that WON'T break, bearings, gaskets, etc. We refuse to turn out unreliable "partially rebuilt" junk, so please do not request anything less than "complete".

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Heres the process:
  • Disassemble and inspect all parts of the powerhead and determine the cause of failure
  • Thoroughly clean and prepare parts for machine work and reassembly
  • Bore all cylinders to the same oversize as required
  • Precision hone all cylinders to exacting critical tolerences
  • Repair and/or polish crank and rod bearing surfaces to a mirror finish
  • Check cylinder head and block gasket mating surfaces for flatness
  • Reassemble with all new superior Wiseco ArmorGlide™ "forged" pistons, semi-keystone rings, bearings, and quality gaskets
  • Repackage or crate along with required gaskets, impeller, carb kits, repair manual, and make ready to ship

**Below are our no-nonsense prices for standard complete 2 stroke powerhead overhauls, including exclusive lifetime warranty and both ways shipping

Please note: These services are offered ONLY to U.S. residents inside the 48 continental United States.

Mercury & Mariner 2 stroke rebuilt powerhead (Service not available for Japanese model Mariner's)
  • 2 cyl - $995.00
  • 3 cyl - $1,495.00
  • 4 cyl - $1,950.00
  • 6 cyl V6 non chrome bore 2.5 liter and below - $2,875.00 (Contact us for chrome bore blocks)
  • 6 cyl V6 3.0 liter Optimax/Carb/EFI - $3,095.00

Johnson & Evinrude 2 stroke rebuilt powerhead
  • 2 cyl - $995.00
  • 3 cyl - $1,395.00   3 cyl E-tec $1495.00
  • 4 cyl 90 degree - $1,895.00 // 60 degree & Looper - $1,980.00
  • 6 cyl 90 degree - $2,875.00 // 60 degree & Looper - $2,980.00
  • 6 cyl 3.0 liter & Up Ficht, E-Tec - $3,095.00

Yamaha 2 stroke rebuilt powerhead
  • 2 cyl - $995.00 (55 HP only)
  • 3 cyl - $1,890.00
  • 4 cyl - $2,375.00
  • 6 cyl  90° 76° HPDI - $3,095.00

I want this! What do I need to do?
Click here

or send us an email or call us 918-457-4099, with any questions or to make arrangements for your overhaul.

*Both ways shipping is included, standard ground or trucking carrier as required, to continental US destinations only. Faster return shipping is available at an additional charge.

** Prices posted are for normal standard overhaul. Damaged crank, block, sleeves (broken or cracked), or connecting rods, will incur extra cost accordingly.


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